Woodworking Tools Replacement

Every so often I will start on a woodworking project for my wife, children or the church and I will stop and take stock of tools I’m going to need to complete my project.  Quite often I find a need to repair or replace the power tools that I have.  I also have a great fondness for some of the new tools that are on the market so it doesn’t take a great deal of persuasion to send me on a scouting trip to the tool store.  To my wife, I explain that this is just a fact finding trip not a buying trip.  There happens to be a method in my madness as first I won’t be dishonest with my wife but should she inquire what would make a nice birthday or Christmas present, I have a ready list.

Tools Ready for Replacement

Over the years I have acumulated several tools, many of which are just to tired to use any more, so I’ve begun to look for tools that will replace more than just one tool.  For instance I have a bandsaw and a scroll saw that are just about on their last legs.  I have seen an advertisement for a multipurpose saw and feel it would be a good replacement for my bandsaw, which I struggle with, and my scroll saw.  Another plus is that I would gain some much needed space in my garage.  It is the end of the year, Christmas sales then inventory tax sales are not far behind so I am going to scatter around several hints to make it easier for those who are having a difficult time with gift ideas.  May this season and your fine woodworking be joyful