Learning WoodWorking

woodworking plans to make baby cradle with bear motifWhen my wife and I were about to have our third child, I decided to build a cradle, whether out of financial necessity or a desire to create something.  I believe this was my first attempt at creating fine woodworking.  I lacked the tools and the knowledge as well as the imagination to take on such a project.  My only training in wood working came from a year of wood shop in high school where I didn’t pay a lot of attention.
 I found an advertisement in a magazine for plans on making things of wood and one of these plans was for a very simple old fashioned cradle.  I sent for the pattern and found it to be just right for my level of inexperience.  I purchased the materials from the list that was provided and bought a few necessary power tools to get started on my project. I recognized every imperfection on that cradle but I made it and I was hooked.  That cradle served several families over the next few years until we ran out of babies.  It then became a nick knack shelf until we ran out of room for it.
I have had to admit to myself that I don’t do professional quality work but with the right power tools and the unlimited supply of very detailed patterns by very knowledgeable people we who are not very good at creating fine woodworking have a chance at making and repairing all sorts of projects made of wood.  It is a wonderful hobby and a very good way to relieve tension.
Enjoy yourself and don’t let anything hold you back but fear and distance.