Fine Woodworking Projects | Advantage Tools

I am very impressed with someone who has the talent to take a chainsaw and carve animals and many other things out of tree trunks when creating fine woodworking projects and those who have the tools and abilities to make beautiful coffins.  I have seen craftsmen make inlaid wooden music boxes in Bavaria and wonderful cabinets in this country.  I enjoy seeing a truck load of building supplies go from a large pile of boards and things to a structure created by men with tools and talents.  I cannot leave out those with a special talent who have, over the centuries, demonstrated the artistic ability and patience to take a piece of exotic wood and make birds, animals and people appear almost lifelike.

How much of this could be accomplished without tools?  The advantage of modern tools is that many of us who don’t have as much of the ability or imagination or the patience as the modern day craftsmen, are given an advantage by way of modern tools and project plans.

I love the tool store.  It is an amazing thing that a new style tool can create a project.  The latest table saw or a new drilldriver or even the latest router can create a mental picture of a new project in the mind of a tool junkie.  It does take a level of self discipline if you want to maintain a peaceful and well rounded life but you do have a better gift idea for Christmas than a new tie.

I have a brand new great granddaughter, so I think it’s time to go to the tool store to see what I will need for the next playhouse.  It would seem you are never too old to enjoy creating fine woodworking projects.outdoor play area woodworking plan