Creating Fine Woodworking Projects

woodworking plan for outsideCreating fine woodworking projects is a worthy and mostly satisfying endeavor.  The major part of the project is deciding who will be the person or persons to benefit from your labors, because this may dictate how much effort you put into the project.  For instance, it is wise to start projects for yourself to see if you have the abilities needed to complete the task.  Do not stress at this point if you fail your own expectations, as there is much help in books and magazines and plans or patterns to complete almost any project.
I am reminded of a story of a man named Noah who was contracted to build a floating vessel large enough to hold an entire zoo when no such project was ever attempted previously.  He was furnished with complete plans and a well defined material list that left nothing out.  I believe this would qualify in some circles as a fine woodworking project.
My wife, from time to time, suggests woodworking projects to be tackled.  I have found that it is wise, at these times, to decide to do the very best that I can.  So I arm myself with as many plans and the latest wood working tools to give me all the advantages I can get to properly complete her request.
If I start a project for myself, I become my own greatest critic. Sometimes I accept a lesser quality product and sometimes I trash the whole thing.
I’ve spent a lot of hours working with wood and it is a wonderful material to work with.  I am sure that many folks have found that creating fine woodworking projects has been very satisfying in discovering their own talent, enjoying the projects they have created, mistakes and all, and the joy of giving a gift made with love.