My Challenges to Creating Fine Woodworking

I have found my greatest challenges in creating finewoodworking come from within me.  A lackof self confidence can cause a variety of slipups when trying to be creative.  For instance, I have purchased far more power tools than I really needed in the belief that my final product would be of good qualitybecause of my many different tools.

Material is another area that gets me into trouble.  My last project, which was a cradle, required ¾ inch plywood, which comes in many quality levels and prices.  I ran into two things that caused me to make a decision that left me with a final product that was far less in quality and considerably more work than I anticipated.  One, the highest quality plywood, as recommended on the material list of the woodworking pattern, was very expensive and weighing that against mylack of self confidence in myself, I chose a lesser quality plywood with the idea that my losses would be less if I ruined the project.  Two, I weighed the price of the high quality material against the price of a readymade cradle and I found it less expensive to buy one than to choose the higher quality material.  I made a poor choice as I chose the lesser quality material and in the end was very dissatisfied with the amount of extra work required and the poor quality of the final product.  I have now decided that a handmade product that you are making for someone else deserves the best quality material and patience.  A readymade product may sometimes look prettier but will never have the love put into it that you or I will put in when creating a fine woodworking projects.

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