Choosing a Woodworking Pattern


Choosing a woodworking pattern can be an important step in creating a fine woodworking project.  There are several things to consider in making that choice.  If you are making something for yourself, you probably already have the object to make in mind.  You are a step ahead.  If you are making it for someone else and they made a request, you are still ahead in the game.  If not, you must consider the person who will receive the gift; what their interests, likes and dislikes, and their wants or needs are.

Once you have figured that out, look at your experience and skill level.  A beginner should choose a simple woodworking project that is easy to accomplish.  Save the complex projects for a time when you have more experience.  Be sure the pattern you choose matches your skill level whether beginner, intermediate or advanced.

Now is the time to decide on your project and start looking for plans or a pattern.  Woodworking patterns and plans can be found on the internet and in woodworking books and magazines.  Look for these things when selecting you pattern:  instructions that are easy to read, understand and follow, logical sequence of steps, drawings and diagrams that are of good quality, and detailed list of materials and tools needed.  Make sure you have the necessary tools to complete the project before getting started.

And all that is left is to purchase the needed materials, grab your tools and get started.  Soon you will have created that fine woodworking project and made someone very happy.  Congratulations!









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