Woodworking ,Getting Down to Basics

I have never considered myself possessing the natural ability of creating fine woodworking projects.  I have learned that, with the help of a proper set of tools and some professionally drawn plans plus patience, a person can usually turn out an acceptable product.
The tools part has a special place with me and I have purchased fair amount of tools over the years.  I have not as yet purchased one of the newer drill drivers and I have never had a radial arm saw.  I have never needed either of these items but would like to have them.  I have a neighbor who is moving after spending many years here.  Because he couldn’t take everything with him, he shared some woodworking tools with me.  Among them was a DeWalt 740 radial

After cleaning and lubricating

arm saw, one of two that he had.  It was taken out of use many years ago years ago because of a defective electrical switch.  Consequently, all metal to metal surfaces were starved for lubrication and so I began by lubricating as much as I could.  This was the beginning of the work to return the saw to service.

I realized that if the motor didn’t run, I would be wasting my time as I don’t have the ability or the extra money to fix or replace it.  So I waited a
day or so to jump the switch and test the motor.  The motor ran and I took great joy in the fact that I am going to be able to make this saw work.  After this I did a lot of cleaning and adjusting. I am not finished with it yet, still need to replace the switch, but I have a radial  arm  saw for creating fine woodworking projects.

My neighbor also gave me a large piece of walnut wood about two inches thick and thee feet be three feet and now all I need is an idea and a good set of plans and I can consider creating more fine woodworking projects.  I guess what I enjoy most is taking something that was probably kept around for parts and putting it back to it’s original purpose.

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