Fine WoodWorking Ideas

Learning WoodWorking

When my wife and I were about to have our third child, I decided to build a cradle, whether out of financial necessity or a desire to create something.  I believe this was my first attempt at creating fine woodworking.  I lacked the tools and the … [Continue Reading]

woodworking plans to make baby cradle with bear motif

Creating Fine Woodworking Projects

Creating fine woodworking projects is a worthy and mostly satisfying endeavor.  The major part of the project is deciding who will be the person or persons to benefit from your labors, because this may dictate how much effort you put into the … [Continue Reading]

woodworking plan for outside

Fine Woodworking Projects | Advantage Tools

I am very impressed with someone who has the talent to take a chainsaw and carve animals and many other things out of tree trunks when creating fine woodworking projects and those who have the tools and abilities to make beautiful coffins.  I have … [Continue Reading]

outdoor play area woodworking plan